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The digital platform to asses, valorise, monitor and communicate the impact of industrial projects, according to the United Nations’ universal Sustainable Development Goals (SDG).

An Obvious Fact

Global warming is a reality and causes extraordinary damage.

Act green

Investing for the climate is a MUST


invested globally for the climate in 2021


The need for investment each year by 2050 to limit the temperature increase to 1.5°C

Green isn’t enough

How to ensure and monitor that each investment responds entirely to the challenges of our world today and tomorrow?

Finance must comply with European and international regulations and directives on sustainable development. The challenge is complex: the impact must be assessed in a transparent way and traceability must be ensured over the life of the project, which is often very long.

A challenge for project developer

  • Demonstrate that the project is “sustainable” in order to secure resources for financing their projects.
  • Make climate and sustainability related investments more attractive in terms of profitability.

A challenge for financial institutes

  • Utilise a climate friendly and sustainability approach in financing decisions.
  • Transparency and avoid Greenwashing stereotype.

Our vision

To offer a holistic, multi-criteria and science-based tool to be recognized and used by all stakeholders.

Our solution

An innovative SaaS for evaluate the performance of investment projects in term of sustainable development

Our digital platform provides a transparent and responsible project evaluation, based on scientific research thanks to a mathematical modeling algorithm that answers complex questions.

Address and solve challenges from both sectors (Project and Funders) through…

An assessment of projects from all aspects of sustainability using a scientific approach.

To valorise the project sustainability efforts during the entire life of the project.

A completely transparent way of communication to demonstrate the commitment of the project to its ecosystem.

Innovation using the latest technological advances to build trust, security and immutability.

Objectif de Développement Durable

Our solution enhances your efforts to meet the Sustainable Development Goals defined by the United Nations

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